"I would say Lady Tempest is a smooth operator. When she enters the Dungeon there is a sense of fear and excitement, and that look; it makes my senses shake for the thought of what is going to happen today. This Lady is subtle; never rushed when she gives pain. This mistress has unlimited ways of torturing you without mercy. Not being able to get any compassion makes me more addicted to her. She is a divine bitch and I adore her absolutely."


July 2017

"Visited Lady Tempest one Friday when I just had to scratch my inner FemDom itch. It was my exceedingly good fortune to find her training up an apprentice Domme (Astrid) and I was in heaven at being at the command of two sublime Mistresses. Lady Tempest is statuesque, she looks strong to her core. Hourglass feminine shape. She looks innocent and has a lovely soft accent, one thing that she isn't is innocent, or soft, her presence commands your attention. When she first entered the dungeon clad in black leather I could feel my self stiffening with sexual excitement but with nerves at the thought of how stern and commanding she looked, she exuded power. 
Down on my knees in a second worshipping her heels and boots with my tongue as she started to beat me with a riding crop, spurring me on to do a better job on her and Astrid's boots. I was intoxicated by her commanding presence. I was under her command. She spat at my face, slapped me, humiliated me, made me crawl on my hands and knees with Astrid on my back. When she stepped into her strap on harness I just wanted her cock. She fucked my mouth and my arse, a full spitroasting with Astrid followed...assmazing to be used by two so seductive Mistresses. I was told to lay on the floor and Lady Tempest inserted something into my arse...sensation kicked in and I felt feelings I had never felt before...electric currents pulsed through my arse causing me to convulse in pleasure. Both Ladies laughed and giggled as they turned the current up and down whilst spiting and kicking me. When they were satisfied with my full compliance I was allowed to kneel up and told to wank myself off in front of them. I spurted my load quickly and the final humiliation was to lick my warm man filth from the dungeon floor. 
An experience that lives with me every day, better than I could ever have imagined. 100% recommended.



best regards


@painpiggy1 (aka Cummy McCumFace....it sounded like a good idea at the time)"

July 2017


"I met Lady Tempest through a guy I was dating. Approximately 48 hours after we met, I stopped dating the guy. We became inseparable. Perhaps this can be attributed to a combination of things: her astute intuition for spotting repressed sluts and fulfilling their deepest darkest desires, our admiration and fascination with repulsive and restricted domains/subjects, and might I add, her unbelievably irresistible booty.

I am Coco. Lady Tempest's personal submissive.

Before Tempest entered my life I was pretty unaware as to how far i was able to relish, release and relax in my subspace. Her training was so delicate yet so domineering, her demeanor comforting yet coaxing, you honestly won't find another Lady like Tempest!

She opened my eyes to a world of weirdness I thought only existed in the farthest most shameful corners of my mind, which I now accept and unashamedly explore ALL thanks to the catalytic nature of her presence/being! She inspires me in more ways than words could ever describe. 

Ultimately, her wisdom, intuition, and fearlessness combined, is what sets her aside and above all others. She will change your life so don't waste your time wondering, she is so unbelievably approachable once you get past that hauntingly intimidating exterior. Oh and by god certainly don't waste her time!"

Sub Coco,

June 2017

"Having sessioned with quite a few Dom's over the years, it has been an absolute pleasure to find Lady Tempest, easily the best I have ever been in the hands of. An absolute natural, stunningly beautiful & exquisitely controlling, Lady Tempest doesn't have to try: she just is dominant, superbly so. She knows just what to do & precisely how to do it. Lady Tempest presses all the right buttons!"


Little Boy,

June 2017




"Lady Tempest is a Bristol-based Dominatrix.  Tall, elegant, acutely perceptive, and incredibly easy to talk to, I found I was able to open up to her the moment we started talking after my first session at the House Du Croix.


The session itself was relatively mild.  I had been off the scene for a while and merely asked for some light bondage, CP, and forced piss drinking.  It was all quite straight forward in my mind and I felt I was able to handle the pain, the humiliation, and the feeling of utter helplessness that come with being photographed in a cripplingly embarrassing situation.


However, just two or three days later I found I was thinking about Lady Tempest non-stop.  It was a shock at first, a kind of physical upset like getting the bends.  Even doing normal everyday tasks I kept hearing Lady Tempest’s voice in my head telling me to “Let, go, let go…”  whilst at the same time my eyes were being dragged all over her long, luscious body – at 5’ 9” you won’t find a more stunning, nor appealingly dressed, Dominatrix in the entire country.


So a short time later I went back.  And then I went back again, for a Double Domme session with Mistress’s personal sub Coco, who made me drink her piss as well.  And now we are drafting up a contract for long-term slavery!  Five years of abysmal servitude!  There will be an escape clause, of course, but only at the price of an extremely punitive Cancellation Fee.


Already I feel trapped.  I am confused, exhilarated, drawn ever closer to my dream of committing to a real Bitch.  I try to convince myself that I have a choice as to whether I sign this contract or not, but already the feeling of control has gone.  She taunts me, she beats me, she writes me friendly emails and then gives me an abrupt dressing down, which only stimulates my craving to be owned by her even more.  From the moment of that first chat I have been living on the edge, and all the time there is the awareness that she has in her possession dozens of excruciatingly embarrassing photographs of me.


Be wary of this woman, she is dangerously addictive!


More later, as my training continues."



June 2017







"Every bit as exciting as you fantasised it might be…


I called into House Du Croix on a random evening when a date cancelled on me. I was in the area and nervously thought “Let me see if someone is free”. It was sheer luck that the Mistress available that evening was Lady Tempest filling in for an absent mistress. 


I have had some dealings with BDSM but almost all were winging it as a Dom, so I didn’t know what to expect and simply asked for some humiliation and degradation; what I got in the end was a prolonged trip to sub-space that left me slightly out of my senses for hours after! We had a wide range of play from boot worship to verbal demeaning and a lot of making me squirm; what I loved the most is the genuine pleasure I could see in Lady Tempest’s eyes as she unleashed her sadistic streak - occasionally checking she wasn’t going too far too fast on my inexperienced self. 


The session built up well with humiliation and pain play layered skillfully, such that I didn’t even realise the point at which I ceased resistance, and was completely at Mistress’ mercy. We flirted with the limits of my pain tolerance, only then to be teased; “You don’t look that desperate for relief.” It was great for the psychology of the session. After the long build up the session, it finished with a vigorous fingering and then a strap-on fucking (of my poor innocent virgin ass) which is best described as intoxicating… the effect of whatever hormone / chemical release that occurred left me dreamy all night.


I went in there not knowing what to expect almost by happenstance of the situation that evening and ended up having one of the most exciting nights of my life - if you’ve considered seeing Lady Tempest then book in as soon as you can. It may just be every bit as exciting as you fantasised it might be."



June 2017

"Very sexy and dominant Mistress who knows how to push your buttons while keeping it light, fun and enoyable too. I would highly recommend Lady Tempest and think you will have a great time!!"



June 2017

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